Hawaiian Village is an 80 acre sand base lake community of about 190 homes, ranging in price from $250,000-$425,000. It is just 5 miles south of Papillion, Nebraska located within SID #97 and has easy access to Omaha, Bellevue, and Lincoln. It's a little bit country, but only 10 minutes from city life. School buses take the children back and forth, and the community has sand volleyball leagues in the summer, there are tennis courts, Platte River view walking trails, and a very active Social Committee with fun seasonal events that include an annual luau picnic, Fall, Winter and Spring festivals. There are covenants, by-laws, safety and restrictions for the lake and surrounding commons area that are governed by the Hawaiian Village Lake Association who sponsors the social committee activities and the annual 4th of July Fireworks show for the residents. New this summer will be our own lake version of the "Drive-In Movies" but with a "Boat-In" option at our residence's beach. The association fees are under $180 per year and it's great here for swimming, fishing, boating, water sports, kayaking, skiing, along with winter fun such as ice skating and ice fishing, hockey, snowmobiling, cross country skiing with fun, sports and Nature loving for all ages. You have it all here at Hawaiian Village!


Hawaiian Village Lake Association

Welcome to the Village! To help you transition to the lake, here is some helpful information from the Hawaiian Village Board.

Village Information

  1. Yearly Directory. Please email any changes, corrections, or new resident information to
  2. Newsletter information, advertising, wants, needs, for sale items, concerns, events, them to
  3. Please read over the Hawaiian Village by-Laws, Covenants, Architectural Rules, Safety Regulations, Nebraska boating guide and Boat Sticker information. Please take extra time to carefully read the boating safety rules. These rules help keep our lake safe and free of accidents.
  4. All watercrafts and trailers must have a Nebraska registration along with a Hawaiian Village sticker. Please contact Tony Davis (Mobile: 402-214-2100, Home: 402-932-4511 or ) to obtain HV boat stickers. Contact any HVLA Board Members to obtain the combination number to the boat storage. Storage is on a first-come basis and usage is at your own risk.
  5. The Village web site address –
  6. Please keep our common areas and lake areas beautiful by not parking or dumping trimmings.
  7. The Village Board strongly recommends that you do not use fertilizers containing phosphorus on your yard. This keeps our lake healthy.
  8. If you are planning any remodeling or landscaping projects, please check with the HVLA board. Some projects will need Board approval.
  9. Annual dues are assessed each year and due in September. After the Annual Meting in June of each year, the budget is reviewed and new yearly dues posted.
  10. The Village has several planned activities throughout the year.


Upon the recent resignations from Troy Fluckey and Joe Glaser, here is the current list of HVLA Executive Board Members as of May 31, 2016:

Gerard Daly


(402) 597-3259

Tom O'Loughlin

Vice President

(402) 871-6206

Martin Apprich


(402) 597-2884

Rich Kuper


(402) 339-5565

Gene Kloewer

SID & HV Liaison

(402) 679-8364


PO Box 3126
OMAHA, NE 68103-0126


Here is some helpful information from the SID Board:


Dave Wennstedt


(402) 331-5220

Dave Barry


(402) 592-2340

Shellie Zeeb


(402) 630-3762

Jeff Warinski


(402) 339-9764

Ken Brison


(402) 850-0893



Sanitary and Improvement District (SID) 97 is charged with maintaining the infrastructure of Hawaiian Village. The SID pays for road repair, mowing and maintenance of the Commons Area, street lighting, sewer and water delivery systems via your tax dollar. The SID also operates a waste water treatment facility and public well system and is one of the very few districts in the Tri-County area to do so. The SID owns the lake, commonly referred to as Outlot E and leases it to the home owner’s association (HVLA) for $1 per year.


The current mill levy is set at .66 per $100 of evaluation.


Our water is not chlorinated or fluorinated and contains a high level of manganese. Manganese does not pose a health risk to humans or animals and our monthly well tests are routinely well within State of Nebraska parameters. You will find our water stains your sidewalks and the siding of your home a dark brown or rust color. You should direct your sprinklers away from these areas to prevent discoloration.

If left untreated, the water can cause discoloration of white clothes when using products containing bleach, shorten the life of water heaters, and shorten the useful life of replacable whole house filters.

There are filtration systems available that can remove the manganese from the water. These systems work similar to a water softener and are quite effective. Many houses in the village already have these systems installed.


SID 97 requires all homes to be equipped with water meters. We began charging a flat fee for water in January of 2004. In January of 2005, we began charging based on usage. The rate as of May 1, 2010 is $1.25 up to 10,000 gallons used; $1.50 10,001 to 40,000 gallons,; $1.75 40,001 to 70,000 gallons and $2.00 on anything about 70,001 gallons. The average increase is $4.20 per month. Meters are read on the last day of the month. Payment is due by the 20th of the next month. The sewer use charge is $18.75 per month and there is a $6.25 monthly customer fee that covers meter reading, bill processing, bank charges and state tax. In the winter, a typical household’s water/sewer bill is in the $30 to $35 range or somewhat higher based on the number of people in your family.


Never allow harmful chemicals to enter the sewer system. Personal hygiene products, rags, and cleaning products that claim to be flushable do not biodegrade quickly enough for our small system to handle. They form clogs that break pumps and other mechanical equipment. Please find an alternate means of disposing of these products.


Urban utilities operates our Public Water System and Waste Water Treatment Plant and also provides billing service for those facilities. If you experience problems with water pressure or sewer related issues or if you have a question about your water bill, you can contact one of the current Board Members listed or Rene Nelson of Urban Utilites directly at his office (402) 296-5409 or his cell phone (402) 618-2138 or his pager (402) 271-1908.