Boating - (Local Rules)

The following are boating safety rules applying to Hawaiian Village. These rules have been approved by the Board and Hawaiian Village Safety Committee.

  1. It is prohibited to commence skiing, drop skiers, ski outside the wake, or in any way hinder traffic in the "narrows" (between Hilo and Maui Circles).
  2. All boating and skiing will be in a counter-clockwise direction.
  3. All boats towing water skiers must have rearview mirrors.
  4. Boats must not follow a skier closer than 200 feet.
  5. All boats and skiers must remain a minimum of 50 feet from the docks and/or shore.
  6. Boats must not operate between a downed skier and his/her boat.
  7. Tow lines may not be towed in the water for more than 300 feet. Lines must be stored in the boat when the skier comes aboard.
  8. The boat of a downed skier should turn into shore to pick up the skier.
  9. Ski boats shall be limited to a maximum of two skiers.
  10. Skiing in coves is prohibited.
  11. No tires, inner tubes, etc. are to be towed behind boats and used in place of water skis or sleds.

Boating - (General)

  1. All boats operating on the lake must comply with all Hawaiian Village safety rules as well as regulations established by the State of Nebraska.
  2. All boats must display the Owner's lot number in a visible position on the starboard aft (right rear) side.
  3. All power boats must have a Hawaiian Village sticker placed in a visible position on the starboard aft (right rear) side. Stickers can be obtained from the Hawaiian Village Safety Committee.
  4. To maintain safety for participants, boats may be restricted during special events as deemed necessary by the Hawaiian Village Lake Association Board of Directors.
  5. Only one power boat shall be permitted in the water from each lot.
  6. Inboard/outboard motors are allowed. No jet boats are allowed. Jet powered watercraft classified as jet skis and inboards approved by the American Water Ski Association (AWSA approved ski boat list) shall be allowed to operate on the lake. All motorized watercraft operating on the lake must comply with all Hawaiian Village Safety Regulations as pertained to boats.

The following boat lengths are approved:

Boating - (State Law)

The following are some of the Nebraska laws enforced by State Conservation officers and apply to Hawaiian Village:

For more information, visit Nebraska Game & Parks: Boating.

Maximum Speed Limits


Contact Tony Davis for approved stickers: Mobile: 402-214-2100, Home: 402-932-4511 or

(Please bring your Nebraska registration)

HVLA Sticker Placement


The following boat lengths are allowed:


Some important Nebraska Laws


Some important HVLA Safety Rules that MUST be followed.