Flood Gate Control

In order to eliminate the confusion of the water levels of the lake and what is defined as high water low wake and high water no motorized boating, the HVLA board has worked with the SID to establish the levels that can be monitored on the inside of the dike gate that was constructed a few years ago. Inside the gate are scale marks designating the water level against the gate. Once the gate is closed, an actual measurement can take place and the lake level can be easily determined. Much time was dedicated to measuring different retaining walls and taking into consideration other property concerns in the process. The water levels were monitored against the marks this year and noted as to when high water was designated. With this information and based on these official marks, we will move forward in using them in determining when the lake will go from GREEN status to YELLOW and then RED if needed.

As discussed at the open meeting with the SID and in agreement, we have established that above the 4.4 measurement we will close the lake to open boating to YELLOW status of no wake. Any level below that will be green status. At the point the lake would rise above the 5.5 measurement in the gate we would then take the lake to RED status for no motorized boating until the level would come down below that mark again. The gate level will be monitored and flags adjust as needed based on these marks. As a note, the gate does need to be closed for accurate reading and that will be the process to determine the correct course of action. We feel confident that this will eliminate the mystery of the levels and define moving forward the levels that the lake can be expected to operate at.

- HVLA Executive Board